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SkyWest groundschool?

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Feb 26, 2002
I was told over the weekend that the next proposed new hire class at SkyWest is scheduled for July 17. So, to all of us poolies who were hoping for a June class to get things moving it looks like it will be July at the earliest. I hope someone will correct me and tell me that there is a June class, but the SkyWest employee who told me the info said he got it from a pretty reliable source.

He did say though that they will recieve around 25 new jets by next February. The future looks promising.
A question mainly for you Skywest guys, and those who applied: did you have to pay an application fee? How much was it? How many others did you apply to where you were asked to underwrite the hiring costs by paying a fee?
I also heard from a VERY reliable source that the class will not be until July 17th. See you there :D


No fee - is that a new requirement??

Ya, I heard the same thing. Too bad, cuz I'm jonesin' for class. On the positive side, at least we're in the pool. Lot's of folks would give their left one just for that.

A couple people I know say this airline is awesome and the job is worth it no matter how long we have to wait.

I asked about the fee because I had been told that several regional operators have an app fee. I found out personally that MESA has a $50 fee. Any others?

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