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SkyWest Bases????

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Mar 1, 2002
Curious, Does anyone have any idea which bases are usually
the last available at the end of a class date, ie: for someone
with the last seniority # in his class. ex. last 4 dig's= 9999.

Just curious which location is usually picked last for the EMB120.

thx jp
It varies over time. Recently, PSP seems to be among the easier ones to get. In the last class, the most junior guy got PSP and was the ONLY one in the class to get his first choice. 3 years ago, YUM awards would be passed off from class to class with the junior guy getting stuck with it, usually. I've seen people left with SLC some time ago. A couple of classes ago, the MRY slots went to the three junior class members. FAT has also been widely available.

In your opinion, what is the most commutable (if there is such a thing) domicile out of SLC? Anything is better than comuuting to JFK from SLC, but until I can fly from home I want it to be as easy :eek: as possible. After looking through SkyGuide it appears Fresno is my best bet as SKW has 4 (or 5) flights a day there.

Take a look at SMF and DEN also. DEN is easily accessible because of United, Delta, Frontier all serving the pair. You can even get in by SKYW if you take a stop in GJT.
Just a question for Andy ...

I was coming thru RDU airspace this weekend and I could have sworn I heard "Skywest ..." on the radio. You guys aren't on the East Coast are you (yet? :eek:)? Does someone else use this callsign?

Best base for flying?


I have a few questions for you. First of all, did anyone from the last few classes get Denver, and if so how many? And, out of all the newhire bases, at which one would we get the most flight time? At which base would a pilot have to sit on reserve the least?

We haven't had anyone from recent classes awarded DEN out of the chute. Several newhires got DEN when it was first opened last year. The junior FO at DEN is from the March class (second most junior class) so that would indicate that the wait wouldn't be very long.

MRY has the lowest reserve level (0%) and the highest average flying line (greater than 87 paid hours), but since all their lines are local (home every night), it would be pretty costly for a commuter. DEN and SLC are close seconds in terms of average flying line values.

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