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SkyWest and PBS

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Well-known member
Mar 15, 2003
I am sick about what I am hearing about PBS, though is has not hit my domicile yet, what do yall think of the horror stories we are hearing?

Management has really stacked every card in their favor, seniority is totally gone out the window, what is life gonna be for commuters? We are already never home.

They are taking all our control away in our schedules, and then there are the forced pairings, WTFO?

All to save them some dough, we are screwed!

Union is the only answer, but is it now too late?

I've had pretty good luck with it so far. There are some issues that need to be fixed though.
if your pretty junior it may not help you as much from what i hear. i'm still trying to figure it all out myself.
I was 37/50 and was getting stuck with 2day trips (I commuted). With PBS, I got 4 day trips. I recently switched domiciles and for Dec. I have a 'composite' line and it's not too bad.

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