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Skyway Upgrade Time

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RichardRambone said:
Looking for current Skyway upgrade time to captain. Thx.
Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 3-4 years.

Try this - base your decision on a company that fits your needs and where you won't have to commute. Do NOT base your decision on upgrade times because those change quickly. What's a quick upgrade today because glacial tomorrow.

You entering aviation at a really crappy time. If you're incapable of making a decision based on your needs, then take the FIRST job offered and build seniority.

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Tell me about it. I got a call for an interview but living off 18K/year is horrific. I was considering putting up with it if their was a quick upgrade time but sounds like not. Thx.
Im just now starting to get where some will look at my resume. I may end up staying here until I get my 135 mins and then a lot more opportunities will open up. Im thinking freight dog and then maybe charter/corporate who knows. Hopefully the industry will turn around within my carer.

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