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Skyway Recalls

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Titanium Necked Bandit
Jan 20, 2002
Just a short note to those still on furlough from Skyway, the recall list is gitting shorter. I believe there are only 19 left on the recall list.
The next group is coming back July 8th good luck to everyone still furloughed. I'm not sure how many turned down recall but rumor control has it that seven people found flying jobs elsewhere and refused recall that puts us into the Sept. furlough class.
Good Luck to Everyone
Sup Jo-Jo? Didn't know you're on here:) Tis hot in the BE-76 @LIT
MY two cents, atleast six more in Aug. The rest by the end of the year and even interviewing by Nov. Dec., Jan. at the latest. Haven't heard anything about Jungle jets any sooner.
skywayfo, do you really think they will be interviewing before the end of the year? I had interviewed in august for a november class which then became the january class before it got canceled after sept 11th. I was given a letter saying I was placed in a hiring pool until everyone was recalled. If they might be interviewing by the end of the year when do you think classes might start again?
I do not have any special information, but I believe that there is NO WAY Skyway will be interviewing/hiring any time soon.

We still have over twenty furloughed pilots (doesn't sound like a lot but with 200 pilots that is a large percentage) and the person in charge of recruiting/interviewing was laid off a year ago.

Our negotiations are going nowhere.

The company will not move up the ERJ's without "favorable financing" (read that as FREE).

The DO328 is a piece of junk with zero support.

If I was a junior pilot I would bail.

If I was a regional pilot applicant, I would not think about Skyway.

Sorry, just my opinion with a bit of reality thrown in.
StaySeated...tell us how you really feel

Hey Mike, how the hell are ya? How's the "German nightmare" treatin' ya? Sounds like you have discovered how much of a feat engineering that thing is. Pretty harsh post...but I know where you're coming from. I figured someone would have put a hit out on Garvin by now! My advice to you....start drinking heavily, it seems to help and it might get you a job at America West! Have fun.

Oh yeah....as for the post regarding ERJ's out of KC and being able to reach most of the U.S. from there....I'm pretty sure that's what WE are getting more planes for.
Not touchey...just couldn't resist giving a reality check.
I believe it's "touche." Usually meaning you have just scored a point against your opponent with your foil.

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