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Skyway F/O's

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Well-known member
Apr 6, 2005
Hey guys got a call from Skyway for an interview today and looking for some info. This would be my first "real" pilot job and I did a search but mostly didn't get the info I was looking for. Id like to know typical stuff, current upgrade time mainly, ballpark 1st year salary for F/O, if its reasonable to jumpseat from MCI, anything you can give me a headsup on would be highly appreciated. Please bear with me if I dont know much about flying for airlines.
I have heard they are in high demand for pilots. A couple instructors from my 141 were actually hired on the spot. So dont be surprised if they offer you a job right after the interview. There are talks about dropping all 1900s and using nothing but Djets. Pay I think is 19 and no clue about upgrade. Good luck.
RichardRambone said:
Thx. Also, who can you jumpseat with other than the obvious?

Anybody, except UPS/FDX. Skyway has Cass but no pictures in the database.

Midwest has 6 flights a day MCI - MKE so it would be a pretty easy commute (if there is such a thing)

Good Luck
Good company, good people, Beech training is excellent, Beech is a blast to fly, and MKE is a great time in the summer. I can see the commute being a easier one, but many people commute it. Milwaukee isnt a bad town, and there are plenty of crash pads available. I own one so if it gets that far let me know.

For the interview be yourself, study the gouges on aviationinterviews, look presentable, be enthusiastic, think of how you would answer all the basic questions you will get thrown at you like, why me, why skyway, good/bad traits, etc.

Good luck
Thx guys. Sounds like a good company but the first year pay seems too low for me maybe. From what Im figuring its around 17-19K and thats just peanuts. If I could get a jist of the upgrade time I might overlook it. By the way whats CASS? And when you jumpseat is it space available or what is the policy?
Can anyone else chime in on first year FO pay? I don't have the time to search the million page thread, especially with dial-up...

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