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Skyway enterprises

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Dec 5, 2001
I am trying to find out about a company in Kissimmee, Florida called Skyway Enterprises. I understand they fly DC-9's, Lears, and Shorts 330&360's. Does anyone know anything about this company? I talked to a guy who is a check airman(I think?)with the company and he painted a "pretty picture" of Skyway, but nobody I have talked to has heard of the company. I also cannot find anything on the internet about this company. Any input would be appreciated!
NOT a very pretty picture from what I have heard. I would look elswhere if I were you, at least that is what I have heard. I fly for a company that is their largest competition and I have never heard anything nice about the place. Also I beleive they only have PFT's sit the right seats..so...maybe that helps you make a decision a little quicker.
Good luck.
Thanks for the comments. I have always felt that when someting sounds too good to be true it probably isn't. Then again I don't want to turn down an opportunity that might be a good deal. Thanks again.
I will have to agree with Sh!tboxDriver on this one. Everywhere I have seen there planes nobody has had anything good to say about them. I haven't ever talked to their pilots though. I was down in ISM about a year ago and there were a couple of shorts parked on the ramp there and I got talking to one of the line guys there and he said it wasn't the greatest operation around. Hey SDdrive sorry for calling your airplane that, but I just couldn't resist. If you are copmetition for Skyway I am guessing you are flying for Night Cargo. If you are where are you based out of?
Wow, that's news to me. Then again considering I fly for the company I'm always the last to know. There's truth and fiction in the posts above, I've answered these questions before but I'll do it again. First and formost we're frieght dogs, take it or leave it. Like any such company there's pro's and con's. I've been very fortunate in my 2yrs here, I came in with a plan and I've stuck to it, you do this and you'll be fine. I've scene many an F/O use it as an opportunity to gain CRM, multi-turbine experience in a transport category airplane and then move onto a regional, not bad for coming in with 250hrsTT. That being said I should answer the PFT comment, yes we do use PFT's, but not soley. I was a direct hire with 700TT when I came aboard, some of those 250hr wonders were friends of mine who were hired with a recommendation and not as a PFT. With recent TSA changes now requiring a 45day FBI background check for foreign pilots in aircraft over 12,500lbs I can forsee a decline in the foreign PFT's however the past few that have come through have been American, one of whom left this week for a regional job with 500TT. Long and short of it (no pun intended) is that the Shorts' is a great initial aircraft. While I personally don't agree with the PFT aspect I have to be honest when I say that the money it generates for the company was a compontent in keeping everyone aboard after 9-11 and not laying anyone off. As far as a company profile there really isn't one, part of the drawback. If you can find yourself on one of our dedicated contract runs for UPS, DHL or Airbourne your quality of life is quite respectable. There's a seniority list but no real structure to it, if you're lucky enough to live in one of our contract locations theres a good chance of finding yourself flying there. I'm currently in such a situation, flying just over 3hrs a day, sleeping 8hrs a night and off for 12hrs during the day, essentially i'm only working 4hrs a day and not touching any boxes. This is when the salary pays dividends. Now the other side of the coin is the on demand charter work we do primarily for the auto industry, I've spent a fair amount of time there too. One of the positives is that it breaks the monotiny of going to the same place at the same time each day. Downside is that you could be flying anywhere from 20-100hrs a month, there's just no telling. In addition there's no set time as to when you'll be flying, essentially living the life of a pager, there's been many a time where i've been all set for bed only to have the pager go off. You learn to sleep when you can, whether you're tired or not. At times being on salary here can seem unjust, that is until you're sitting in a company provided hotel room for 7 weeks without flying yet still drawing a paycheck after 9-11. As for the pay itself its bad for F/O's, $300 a week salary, PIC is quite respectable. PM me for info. There is no bid structure for A/C or seat, if you have a Shorts type expect to find yourself in the left seat, perhaps after a week or two on the line. Upgrades vary depending on need. I was fortunate to be in the preverbial right place at the right time. The day of my Flightsafety type ride I had 1500TT. As you can see I've made the most out of my situation and can forsee myself sticking it out here at least another yr, why go else where when I'm now building PIC time at a decent pay while not working very much. A number my friends decided to go the other way and sidestep to the regionals, unfortunately they're now on the street. Long story short, if you have an opportunity to fly with us, why not, take the best job available, if you don't like it here, you can always move on. :D Hope this helps clear up a few questions.
Ah the Shorts:

I use to work in that full figured Irish beauty and I loved ever second of it. Hey SD Driver guessing your working for ACC, how are things up there these days? I flew through MKE on my last trip and was sad to see 334AC in the Shorts grave yard. I flew that thing for good while up in PLB. The shed was never a good looking airplane in the first place, but to leave that god aweful cartoon paint job on was a kick in the groin. Despite that I still was attached to that one, but I was glad it was night when I came to work. :)
hey fr8dog,
glad that you recinded the comment, I initially thought , "what an a**", but I loved the Shorts, 3000 hours in it, a great plane, from a great old company. One of the oldest.

that's all I have to about that....
Boy it is nice to see all of the Shorts brotheren comming out of the wood work. I agree, I love the plane. You know I get made fun of all the time because of the shorts, but I tell everyone the same thing, that plane gets me home every night. It is a good stable platform and a well preforming machine. I will always have a special place in my heart for the good old Shorts!

Fly safe, Tailwinds.

Ah yes, the Irish Concorde. The old girl had many "endearing" qualities. Landing in a crosswind comes to mind. Landing a 330 on an icy runway and selecting full beta which blankets the twin tails. etc etc.

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