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Skyway Airlines

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New member
Dec 20, 2001
Any Pilots currently working for Skyway have any information on the status of us furloughed Skyway pilots returning would be appreciated. Please make my christmas by being positive. Thanks ahead of time.
I'm a MidEx furloughee and I've heard Skyway is recalling 8 guys in January. Not much, but a start. You guys will be recalled fairly quickly I have a feeling, Skyway is getting a lot of our flying at MidEx and I don't plan on being recalled there any time soon. Happy Holidays and good luck!
Skyway Furloughees

There was a lengthy post on the Skyway pilots message board recently from GV. He said that besides the 8 recalls already announced no more are expected for a while, possibly 4th quarter 02. He said except for attrition, which is expected to be slim, no one will be needed until the next rjs are delivered at the end of the year. If you are not on the message board, call and ask George for the website and he will authorize your access. There is a lot of biching on the site, imagine that, but a lot of good info as well. Hope the recalls come soon.
Hi, Can you tell me what the address is of that "message board". I'm twidling my thumbs here in Milwaukee waiting for a recall. The news of a 4th quarter recall is very depressing. Was this an official memo that you read or was it something that GV said in passing. Thanks for the post. It's a disgrace that we have to get our info like this!

The info is far from official. Just an opinion. Be it an educated one from the assistant chief. Things could change, and hopefully they will. No one knows for sure when we will call more back. As for the message board, it is on Yahoo but without a password it will not show up. Call George and tell him that you are furloughed and want to get hooked up. The mesage board is not an official site either, but does has skyway specific info. Hope you get a call soon.

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