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SKYPE computer program rec

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Marriott Platinum Member
Dec 2, 2003
Just wanted to recommend a real good program I use on the road, its called Skype, and its SUPERB to other web-based programs such as Yahoo Messenger in terms of voice quality. Skype to Skype calls are free, and you can buy for $30 bucks a year, a US phone number in the area code of your choice for inbound calls.

For Skype to landline, its like 3 cents a minute for US calls.


it is designed to penetrate 99% of most firewalls or port blocking that may exist in hotel rooms or overseas locations, plus all traffic is encrypted

just FYI
I have to agree. I just started using skype, and flying internationally, its a great way to keep in touch. Besides the perks you mentioned, you also get free voicemail when you sign up for the inbound call skype number.
I got T-mobile when I got my most recent job because of their international network. After over $1,000 in phone charges last year, I discovered Skype.

My wife still can't believe it sounds so good.

On a related note, has anyone here heard of "Slingbox"? One of the guys in my department has it. You attach a box on an unused TV at home that is hooked up to cable. You download a program from slingbox.com and you can watch your home TV from your laptop anywhere in the world. You control that TV from your computer.

One of the guys was watching local (IND) news at 11:00 a.m. in Mumbai. The only drawback is that the screen size is about the same as a Windows Media Player screen.

I can't do it because it won't work on Mac's--yet.TC
Skype is awesome, and easy to use. My 8-year old uses it to call me from his computer when I'm on the road. Works great; very cheap.
I've been using it for a while now and the only problem I have is the static on the computer to landline phone calls, comp to comp is crystal clear though. Great program

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