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Skymarshall on board hijacked ircraft

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
I was talking to a highway patrol officer who is going through sky marshall training and he said there was two sky marshalls on board the United aircraft that went down south of Pittsburgh. Has anybody heard anything? This would be a large omission by the investigation. He also told me that this was going to be released to the public after the new year. I didn't see any reason to doubt him but one never knows.
On 9-11 there were a total of 37 active FAMs. That number is to cover the entire airspace system. The likelihood of 2 air marshalls being on a low threat (non-international) flight is about the same as you hitting the lottery without buying a ticket.

They also carry real weapons (not boxcutters) and know very well how to use them. The 3 terrorists would have been capped long before making it to the cockpit.

It sounded a bit off to me but the gentleman told it to me in a convincing manner and I had no reason to doubt him, but those odds seem to be a reality check.
urban legends

There are lots of rumors like that going around, passed off as "facts" by people who are sure they are correct.

Another one one is that a hijacker was on the jumpseat of one of the AA flights- never verified in writing by anyone, anywhere yet.

PS- The FAM's always travel in pairs, so the odds are not quite as astronomical, but still far-fetched, and I think the outcome would have been much different.
The Globe found at the local checkout counter of your local grocery store can sound convincing too.
The one about one of the hijackers being on the AA jumpseat is more than likely true. Authorized by the company.....
My dad ( a DAL pilot) ran into one of his fellow pilots while in ops in ATL a few days after the release of the names. Turns out this guy had one of the hijackers on his jumpseat the day before the attacks. The hijacker was travelling from florida up to boston I believe, maybe via ATL. He recognized the name and face of the hijacker once their info was released.

As far as the day of, I'm sure they all purchased tickets. Why would they risk not getting on because an online jumpseater shows up, especially with the light loads.
How'd they get the jumpseat?

Maybe I'm missing something here, but if none of those guys worked for a 121 airline, then how did they get the jumpseat?
A $100.00 anywhere in Miami will get you a passport,DL,full FAA licenses for anything you want, and medical. All on offical government paper, the ID is a piece of cake. That is real world.

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