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Skydiving info/help

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
Can anyone help with this. My apt. neighbor and I would like to get into skydiving. I did a static line and 2 tandem jumps back in HS and college so I know I want to do it. (didn't have the $ to do both fly and skydive back then.) The problem is my neighbor is 6ft 295#. If I remember they had a # restriction back when I did it like around 220 to 230. Is there any way around this. Also I'm helping him get his SEL COMM now and he would like to build time flying jumpers. Will they let him do this?

I've cfi'd, traffic watched, towed, cargo, and such but never had any jump flying exp. except for in HS and college so any advise would help.

Also we were talking about sailplane lessions but I think we'll have the same # problem again, can anyone help with this?

my $.02

If your buddy weighs in at 295 lbs. I would send him to a larger DZ that has larger planes. I can't imagine a DZ with a fleet of C182's being able to have a pilot that weighs that much. As far as you guys jumping, Do it! it is a blast, I would give a local DZ a call and tell them about the weight. They have larger canopies for this situation.
Have fun!
There are certainly tandem rigs that can accomodate your friend, with the right combination of a light jumpmaster. Talk to your local DZ about their policies. The US Parachute Assn changed some of the BSR's (basic safety regulations) last year, and I don't know if any recomendations on individual weight limitations were introduced. (I've been very slack in that area).

There are some big boys out there jumping; I doubt many DZ's carry much student gear that's big enough for your friend; the trend these days is smaller zero-porosity canopies. However, it won't hurt to enquire.

Depending on his physical condition, terminal openings may or may not be advisable. You didn't indicate if his weight is due to stature or obiesity, or his state of health. Obviously, one should be in reasonable health before undertaking a skydive. That requirement is fairly liberal; people into their eighties still continue to skydive; it's something most folks can do.

He may be able to get some experience dropping jumpers. He will need a commercial certificate, of course. The weight issue may be a problem for him, as jump operations like to fill airplanes with paying jumpers, and not pilots. Again, it's going to be up to the DZ.

I won't go into a discussion on jump flying, as there have been a lot of good posts on the subject before. It's not difficult, or particularly challenging, but it can be a lot of fun. It will certainly help your friend's chances if he is also jumping.

I'm looking for a DZ that uses otters or skyvans in the upstate NY area, I think that will be best.

He is in good shape just a big guy, but ugly.
Ugly might be a good thing. I hear it repels gravity.

(Hasn't worked for me, however...) :-(
The best way to get a jump pilot job is to be a skydiver. Second to that, purchasing your own plane might work, but usually it's the guy who hangs around the most. I would take a job packing chutes, and helping out, and someday when all of the pilots are sick, they will try you out, and there you go! You could also get a job at manifest, or instruct at the same field as the skydivers use. I just hung around a lot, and it wasn't easy. It's a fun job though, probably the most fun I've ever had while getting paid (not much, by the way).

Also, I don't know if anyone mentioned it, but diverdriver.com has some pretty good info on flying jumpers. It's a site set up by a RJ captain who also flies an Otter with jumpers. Hope that helps you.

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