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Sky Marshals


Nov 27, 2001
Total Time
A Few
I submitted an application for this when I got furloughed 2 months ago, and have since recieved their standard "you qualify, but don't call us, we'll call you" letter. I dont have any prior law enforcemnt background, and on a recent post it sonded like those who did have recieved a second letter saying they would be called for an interview or something.

The new aviation security bill has a secion that stipulates that furloughed pilots should recieve preferetial hiring for the sky marshals. But I cant figure out how I take advantage of this. There was no section on the application about being a furloughed flight crew. Does anyone know how this is supposed to work? I wondered if I should re-submit a new aplication, but the form has not changed at all. Still no question to identify you as a furloughed pilot.

Anyone know something I don't know?