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Single Pilot/Plane 135

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Well-known member
Apr 17, 2004
Noticed on that website where they'll get you a 135 ticket for $600 (single pilot/plane) it says that particular certificate doesn't require 1200 hours for the pilot.

Anyone know what reg pertains to that? I must be looking in the wrong place.

I think they are referring to the 500 which would limit you to VFR135 only, a market that is pretty limiting.
Just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Thanks! Seems weird that they wouldn't say "for VFR..." but oh well.

Looks like I win that bet!

Tis' about time!

There is no way to circumvent the 1200 hr IFR requirement.

I would think that in the soutwest where there is a lot more VFR wx that you could make a small niche for yourself in the VFR biz.
User997 said:
Can you copy and paste the text of that article for us guys that don't subscribe to AOPA?

Tried...it's too long. If anyone wants it, drop me a PM and I'll e-mail the body of the text to ya.

...and thanks all! I've been discussing this with a guy I went to Airman with and having the "there's no way that's legal" "well, mini...if it says so on the website" discussions back and forth for a while now. I was almost convinced that I was missing something buried somewhere in 119 or 135...thanks again.


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