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Single Freight Operators

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Feb 16, 2002
Do you guys know of any places that hire low time guys for freight?
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It's basically impossible to fly freight as a low-timer, as the majority of the equipment used is single-pilot. In addition operators expect you fly in IMC. Thus the the single-pilot IFR minimums specified in Part 135 apply, and that specifies 1200 hrs.
Cardinal is right on the money. Specifically look at 135.243 (1200 hours, 500 cross country, 100 night, 75 instrument. Some carriers that have aircraft that require 2 crewmembers will take lower time pilots but you better have your &%$# together and they will usually only look at those that will soon meet the mins. for PIC. Quite often it is an insurance issue as well. The carrier may be able to get lower rates for his insurance if he employs more experienced pilots.
Go Huskers! Try AirNet they have a sic program. Or try banner towing. By the way are you calling from the big N?
Ram Air Freight in RDU keeps a few VFR 135 (500 hrs) guys/gals on for traffic watch, VFR runs, washing planes, etc. Call Ross Kennedy there ... he's a great guy.

try; www.tolair.com in puerto rico (for the right seat of a DC-3)

also, there's VIEQUES AIR LINK in puerto rico that has F/O's in their TRISLANDERS (viques is a PRisland off the east coast of PR)

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