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Simulators to rent in chicago area

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Active member
Dec 12, 2001
Ok anybody out there know if there is a Frasca or any kind of simulator in the Chicago area that you can rent. I have a interview coming up and well being furloughed, I am probably a little rusty on my scan. I have to fly the airplane for the interview and want to do well.

If anyone knows any information, I would very much appreciate it.

Former UAL 727
try American Flyers, we have two schools one at dupage airport in west chicago, and one at KPWK which is in wheeling. both schools have the frasca 141 simulator price for a dual lesson per hour is 100$ with an instructor. if you need any info PM me. hope this helps.
OUCH! $100 an hours to fly a box with a CFI??? How times have changed!...

When I was training I was getting a Seminole Dual for $105/hr... and that wasn't all that long ago!

I think Airway's Sim is probably closer to $60/hr Dual... I think ol' Mike Bowman is still running the show there...
From years ago.... I used to work for a competitor in the same building as a CFI.... Used to see Mike once in a while... didn't know him that well... seemed like a nice guy...

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