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Simulator in Phoenix

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Office Slut
Nov 29, 2001
Does anybody know of a place in the Phoenix area that rents an AST or a Frasca (or something else) so that I can keep up my instrument scan. There was a place at CHD with a great monthly rate, but they're gone now. I would prefer a place that either has a good block rate or a monthly rate or something like that. Help would be very much appreciated.
I had heard the same thing... I'm actually already checked out in their Kachina, and they seem like a good outfit. Thanks!
It's been awhile since I was there, but ATP Inc at Williams Gateway had a nice multi sim that some gal came by to use on a weekly basis. They never keep records on the thing, and I think they charged her a flat rate to use it. perhaps she sweet talked somebody, but who knows, it never hurts to go out there and ask. Maybe you could get a rating with them, and then bring it up. Good luck to you.
I was actually in angel air at stellar about 2 or 3 weeks ago and they had just gotten a brand new ast300 with very nice visuals. As training devices go it was pretty impressive.

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