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Simuflite Hawker 700

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Dec 14, 2003
I've never been to Simuflite before, always Flight Safety. Can anyone tell me any differences in the way the two companies operate? Did you prefer one to the other....did you find one more difficult...any information is helpful, tx.

I'll be doing 800, 800XP differences also.
I found Flight Safety's books an easier read, However the sim training was better at Simuflite
Agreed. The food is damm good at CAE. Make sure you're there on a Thursday. It's chicken fried steak day :)

The Hawker folks there are great. Most had real world experience and hawker stories to share.
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FlightSafetys are all different, and of the ones I've been to some were better than Simuflite, some were worse. In the end, it all comes down to the quality of the instructors, and both FSI and Simuflite have good and bad instructors. Hopefully you will get a good one!

I have to say that I think that Simuflite's books and especially checklists are far, far, superior to FlightSafety's.

One difference I have noted, across a couple of programs, is that Simuflite takes the oral portion of the type rating exam (or recurrent, for that matter) much more seriously than FSI. Expect to be grilled, and to be able to recite the memory items exactly as written, etc.
I've had initial and 3 recurrents in the -700 program at Simuflite/DFW. I've found their instructors, both ground and sim, to be of excellent calibre. They're extensively knowledgable about the aircraft and it's systems and operating characteristics, with real world experience to back it up. The "corporate culture" at Simuflite is basically whatever it takes to keep the customer happy, from the receptionist to the program manager. They will accomodate your needs. The checkrides are fair. Never did I get the impression that they are staring over your shoulder waiting for you to screw up, or looking for an opportunity to fail you. There can be a difference in checkrides if you're 91 or 135, as the 135 checkride is exactly the same every time.
Thanks for the input. I'm just finishing up the ground portion of the training and would have to say I like it a bit more than Flight Safety.

However, still have get through the sim. Unless there is a drastic change between classroom and simulator, the methods they use to train seem a little easier to absorb than what I have previously found at FS.

Again, tx for the posts.
haha, ain't that the truth!! Been sneezing and blowing my nose ever since I got here.
I hope they tuned up that 700 sim recently... It's getting pretty old!

When I did my type ride in that 700 sim 4 years ago, we had to stop 3 different times because of major problems (mostly computer, one hydraulic); the kind where you all get out and the sim tech calls you when it's ready again.

Overall a great program. I've been to Wilmington FSI and Simuflite DFW and both are neck in neck in quality. I too think the Simuflite books were easier to read but that's about it.

Good luck with the type!

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