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SIMCOM/PANAM Vs Flight Safety or SimuFli

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Jun 8, 2002
Hello, I am curious to know if anyone knows the difference in getting a Lear type rating at SIMCOM/PANAM Vs Flight Safety or SimuFlite. It seems to me that while searching for jobs, most job offers will read "Flight Safety or SimuFlite trained preffered".
Thanks everyone in advance.
It's a training quality issue

I go by training quality as setting the standard without debating the issue. FSI sets the standard in my book.


You know, I have been to FSI twice and simcom about 5 times. I Much prefered the trainning at simcom. This may sound funny but the instructors were dedicated to you as their student, not their 4 o'clock. Don't get me wrong, You get out what you put into it.

I also found that the flight safety way of doing ground school starting at 8 then your sim might be at 2 am! Is a bit ridiculous! All my experiences with Simcom have been a 8-5 thing. Much easier to perform when you don't have to take your pillow to the sim.

Never been to Simuflight.

SimCom is good ...

I went to KA-200 initial at SimCom back in March, and was pleased with the job they did. The class was small (two students to one instructor) and as previously mentioned, everything was done on an 8-5 time frame. The instructors do a good job there, and will adapt to your needs. We requested a little extra training in some areas, they were happy to oblige, while not having us repeat other areas over and over again.

My company alternates providers for recurrent, so our next trip to the schoolhouse will be at Simuflite. I haven't been there yet, but will report after I return.

Tailwinds, y'all ...


I would stick with FSI- Tuscon/Witchita, or Simuflite-DFW. Both do a good job in the Lears. Depends on which Lear type your talking about, and of course the experience of your instructor.
Just my .02 worth.
I would stay away from the instructors at FSI in Wichita. I have been to Tuscon, Wichita and Simuflite. I prefer Dallas above all. Just my .02 as well.

I can't comment on FSI or SIMCOM, but I can enthusiastically recommend Simuflite. Great facility, excellent instructors, and their 35 sim flys exactly like the jet. The vast majority of Lear folks I talk to prefer SF. Are you funding your own training? Be careful to prepare thoroughly, the initial type ride is no cakewalk. The biggest difference at SImuflite is they will never give you some boob of an instructor who has no real-world experience in the jet.
Flightsafety sets the standard for professional simulator training. They are the biggest and spend the most money developing new simulators. However I believe that they do not do that good of a job of maintaining and training on some of their lower level sims (ie King Airs and Lears). Having said that, there is some real talent with the long time instructors at FS (Dick Lathrobe LGB, also the King Air manager in ICT, and the Lear manager in TUS). In short FS is the most professional facillity, the Citation sim in LGB is next to the MD-11 sim that American Airlines is training in, the King Air Sim in HOU is next to the Emb-120 sim Coex is using.

Simuflite has the nicest facillity, the Taj Mahal is a very nice place to train in, and my personal favorite. I also prefer the Stimuflite manuals to FS's.

Simcom/Quickturn are much less professional, you will likely mingle with owner-operators, and people trying to save a buck on training. I was also not very impressed with the manuals at either place. However, if you absolutely need to get some recurrent in for cheap and quick this is the place to go. I wouldn't recommend it for initial. The instructors might spend more time with you individually, but they have less knowledge of the aircraft. Again this is in general, there are some very knowledgable instructors at Simcom/Quickturn, and there are some idiots at FS/SF

Overall, it really doesn't matter where you go, as long as you get a Level C or D sim. Once you get in the sim you're going to be doing the same thing every place you go. They're all 142 schools so they're pretty much scripted by the FAA as to what they have to do; i.e. day three is hot and heavy, and you always have to do the same manuevers on the checkride. The only real differnence between the places is getting a good instructor and getting good ground school, unfortunalty most of the good instructors are teaching the Gulfstreams and Falcons.

....Hey LJDRVR I think Chester the Molester is trying to page you.....JJ

Thanks for all the responses.
I am not funding my own training but hopefully I will get the training by obtaining Federal Funds. Unfortunatelly I do not have the money to come up with the balance to get the training at SIMUFLITE or Flight Safety since the Federal funds given are limeted to $8000 and SIMUFLITE's LR type rating runs about $13,000.

Thanks again!!
Since you folks have some experience in this area, can you post an estimate of the cost for the initial Lear type at these facilities?

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