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SIM TIME - Where to go?

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Active member
Aug 8, 2003
Looking for a place (preferably in the SE) where I can get a few hours in a B1900 sim prior to an interview. I know about flight safety - looking for any other options.
Don't waste your money. Sim checks are basically looking to see that you can remember the profile they give you, know how to enter a hold, and don't crash the thing. Sims are pitch sensitive, practice on an on-top PCATD. If you still want to waste your money, I'm sure Gulf$tream will take it.

As a past 121 b1900 captain...

any interview ride is usually BAI and some sort of chart reading and IAP. The checker is not looking at whether you know where knobs are...

spend your precious time working on BAI and save your $$$, because if you're going to a B1900 operator likely you'll need those $$$.

Good luck on your interview!

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