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sic type

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Well-known member
Mar 20, 2004
any body knows about the ICAO rule that requires all crew menbers to be typed when flying under ICAO rules, whats the outcome, should I expect to be typed!!! will there be a limitation ?

Draginass said:
A SIC type won't mean a thing. It's paperwork exercise.
Yes it's a paperwork exercise but it's not worthless - not everyone can get one you know. The EU has already said this will meet their requirements - it proves some form of formalized training has been passed.

They're coming in September. Get 'em while they're hot!
I have heard that there is no checkride involved, its not really a "type rating". It's a magic wand kinda thing from the FAA. I wouldn't get too excited, but it is a good way to prove that you do have expirence in whatever airplane you are flying. So it is a good thing. but its not the same as a PIC type rating.

Yes, there will be a limitation. You will have a type, but in the limitation section it will say SIC PRIVILEGES ONLY.

Pretty dumb if you ask me, but nobody asked.
Can someone tell me the reg or advisory circular that deals with this new "SIC Type"

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