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SIC type for Intl required starting 9-6-05

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CL-215 Lake James, NC
Jun 3, 2003
The FAA is amending its pilot
certification regulations to establish a
second-in-command (SIC) pilot type
rating and associated qualifying
procedures. This final rule is needed to
conform FAA pilot type rating
requirements to the International Civil
Aviation Organization pilot type rating
standards. The intended effect of this
action is to allow U.S. flight crews to
continue to operate in international
airspace without the threat of being
grounded for not holding the
appropriate pilot type rating.

: This final rule becomes effective

on September 6, 2005.



Interesting! I have heard nothing of the sort from our ops. 'Course that's not saying much coming from me. But I don't believe we have any plans to type our F/O's and we do quite a bit of international flying...

We do plenty of canadian flying at QX & I've heard nothing of this. Very interesting. Too bad they're not forcing the company to get me a PIC type rating....
For What it's worth - we gote a note from our management yesterday saying that the implimentation of the SIC Rating deal has been delayed until Spring '06 (I think was the date).

I just heard from our chief pilot a couple of days ago that we're going to have our APD's walking around the hubs with a whole stack of 8710's that they are going to have us fill out and blast off to fulfill this requirement. I guess they are going to use our recurrent and initial trainings to justify the training events for the type...????
Keep in mind guys, this isn't a type rating per say. All it is, is an ICAO requirement that both crewmembers be "rated" for the aircraft they are flying. So the FAA in its wisdom, instead of requiring the actual type rating be applied they came up with a SIC Type Rating, which is nothing more than ink on your certificate. I believe it says something like "SIC privelages only".
Its an Icao deal When I flew Taca pax Caravan In Costa Rica(2 pilot under Costa Rican law) my license actually has a c208B Sic rating. All the Atr Guys and A320 guys have a sic rating also on thier license
I heard this will eventually affect all fo's in the US under FAR 121. My employer says part of the new training requirements under 121 will require fo's to be typed.
At F9, we are filling out the forms and will get shiny new certificates in the mail shortly to reflect our "A320 SIC ONLY" type-rating. NO ADDITIONAL TRAINING REQUIRED for current and qualified FO's. It's just a rubber stamp to satisfy ICAO.

I wish it was a PIC Type as well, but no such luck...
Only in America, as they say!

For years, in most other countries, including Western Europe ALL F/Os were AUTOMATICALLY type rated just as the Captains were. In other words, it did not matter which seat you had, you both got the SAME training and bit of paper at the end. Made sense as when it came to upgrade, it much quicker and easier process for all concerned. And the company actually saved money in the long run. Wow, what a concept!! Don't tell that to anyone in the golden towers otherwise they'll all want to jump onboard.....

Happy Landings, All

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