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SIC loggable Air Medical Copilot??

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Well-known member
Apr 6, 2005
Hey guys. I am applying for a King Air air medical co-pilot job and was curious how you would log that. Do most of those air medical King Airs not have an autopilot or something which you could you log SIC time? Or do they have a requirement for copilots in there ops manual? Or do they just need a pilot who can't log it? Any info would help.
If you are required as per Op Specs, then you can log SIC. If you are there because of insurance or customer requirements, then no, at least on the 135 legs. But depending on the how the air med is structured, you may not have any 91 legs.
You can't log SIC time in a plane certified for single-pilot ops and being flown by a person qualified to fly sinle-pilot. In some cases, the autopilot can substitute for the co-pilot, but the PIC has to have a Single-Pilot type rating. A couple of planes that come to mind are some King Air and older Citation models.

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