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Shuttle Landing

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Aldrin is on FNC right now in the studio. Looks like a zombie.

HAHA, he corrected the FNC host, really burned him bad. I love Aldrin.
Metro...GO TO BED! What's you're excuse for being awake?

I thought that the next decision for FL or Edwards will be made at 0517am with an attempted landing coming at 06 something if the go decision is made.
yeah, i mixed that up, they waved off the first KSC landing, and will determine if they will just not go there at all by 517, like you said.

I cant sleep! I want to watch the last space shuttle landing.
I'm mad...if they do decide to land, it won't come till I'm leaving the hotel...and here I am awake at o dark thirty and nothing is happening!
It's for sure now, they are not going to Kennedy.

LMAO, Buzz Aldrin is on FNC again, giving the host and astronaut Tom Jones a hard time.

Host: The shuttle makes two sonic booms.
Buzz: Are you sure about that?
Host: Yeah, I've heard it.
Buzz: Oh, I don't know, I thought they were so close together you couldn't hear them seperatley.

Edit, I never knew there was so much paid programming on cable TV at night. SpikeTV is all GGW ads, but everything's censored!
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Yeap, 2 Lousy Pop up Ts right off the coast....everything moving N-NE though, by the time they would have got here I think the TS line would be more than 50sm away....but thats why I am a dispatcher....My only alternate could be MCO...hehe! God Speed to the Crew and Edwards....
And NOW the scheduled landing is to take place 15 minutes after we're airborn. I can't catch a break this morning.
As the pilot of the shuttle how would you log the flight time? Could you count it a X-C time? they did dock with the space station so maybe.

Is it multi of SEL. What do you guys think.

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