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Shuttle America

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New member
Nov 4, 2005
A few weeks ago I sent a resume to Shuttle America. I got a call yesterday from HR at Republic Airlines. How are Shuttle America, Republic, & CHQ related? Do any of them have a base in ORD?
They Are all related and under ther RAH (Republic Airline Holdings) umbrella. Shuttle America does have a base in ORD for our United flying. Other bases are IND and CMH. Current Republic bases are IND and DCA with PIT and PHL to come. Chautauqua has a bunch of bases but I'm too lazy to find out where they are. Apply and there's no guarantee you'll get Shuttle. They'll put you where they need you.
Prop2Jet said:
right seat for a long time....

So now the mighty 2 year upgrade at CHQ is dead? I could swear I just read tons of posts about how CHQ was the place to be no more than 2 months ago.
Delta going into bankruptcy could actually help RAH. Granted they might/will lose some 50 seat flying. However if DAL Management gets the court to throw out the pilot's contract, that will open the flood gates for more 70 seat aircraft and probably 90 seaters as well.

I am not wishing this on anyone. However that does seem to be the way things work in this industry.

I guess it is not just this industry. The auto industry makes most of their parts in Mexico because the costs are so much cheaper. Just consider the regional airlines as Mexico. Thanks NAFTA.

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