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Shuttle America

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Well-known member
Feb 9, 2002
Shuttle America called me for an interview. I am wondering what their operations, schedules, and work environment is like. thanks!
When did you get the call and when is your interview?? I was scheduled for a March 2nd interview which they cancelled but told me I'd be the first to get a call when they resumed. And where did you fly the 1900?
i got an email for 2 dates to pick from. they are at the end of may. I will have to check later. my email account is down right now. i fly the 1900 out of denver. just want to move out of denver and fly elsewhere but to be honest i do not think shuttle america is the answer. btw, do you know their domiciles and quality of life issues?
They are doing some hiring to CA seat if you meet their 3000 hr total time & 1000 multi requirement. Saab time is preferred as they have gotten rid of all their DHC-8. CA pay starts around $38 1/2 w/ 72 hr garauntee. FO is $22/hr. Min 10 days off/month. Current domiciles are BED (Bedford, MA on NW side of BOS) and PHL/TTN (Philly/Trenton, NJ co-base). There is word of some other bases in the Ohio and Indiana region possibly opening up as they are looking to get ahold of Chautauqua's Saab MX base in IND.

Current working environment is a little daunting from what I have heard (crew shortage.) I just finished ground school on Friday so I don't know for sure. I guess they are a little short on crews right at the moment, but that should improve since there was a transition class of DHC-8 guys that should be getting finished up with IOE in the next few weeks and then there will be my class of 14 that is just now starting sim. From the guys I have seen that currently work here so far, they all seem like a great bunch so it seems like it will be a pleasent time in the cockpit.

PM me if you have any more specifics and throw in there where you fly the 1900 at if you wouldn't mind. I flew that Beech for a while myself.

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