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shuttle america

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Nov 26, 2001
Does anyone have any current info on shuttle america??? I just received there letter inviting me to an interview. Has anyone recently interviewed?? any info. would be appreciated.
Thanks much!
I interviewed earlier this month and start class soon. Go to aviationinterviews.com to get interview info...Laid-back interview with nice people..Don't have to do the "trained seal act" with them ..!! Just be yourself !! No written test, no psych test. Know how to brief an approach using Jepps. They gave me a choice of a morning or afternoon interview. I took the morning to get it over with. There was only 1 other guy interviewing with me, which was nice because you dont have spend 8 hours there while other people get interviewed. I was in at 9am out by 10:30 am...and most of the time was filling out a straight forward application...!! You have to get yourself to the interview- ie. they don't fly you there..but for me it was a short drive anyway..Once hired they will get you to training at their expense.. They pay $1,320.00/month during training plus $20.00/day per diem. Be positive..try to prove to them you want to fly for them and you won't leave any time soon..I have 121/Saab experience so I think thats what got me in the door..Good luck.!!

I heard it wasnt definite about the saab's?? did they actually get the saab's?? how many?? whats upgrade look like?
yes......they are already operating the Saab's..I see them going into TTN . Not exactly sure how many Saab's they have just yet...I think they will end up with 16 (not positve about that)..As far as upgrade, I beleive it might be pretty quick...depends on your total time ....I heard (rumor) that some guys with higher times, over 3000TT, were gettin typed in the Saab right out of school.....Seems like an exciting place to be with all the growth goin' on..Go to their website.....you can see all the new routes they are adding....Might have to put up with some growing pains but....oh well !!

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