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Shuttle America Posting for Saab Captains, etc... on Climbto350.com

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Feb 16, 2005
This is strange found it on climbto350. Anyone have any good (as in reliable, or at least interesting) information behind this

July 28, 2005
SHUTTLE AMERICA (Saab 340 Captain)

Tel: no calls

Email: [font=arial, helvetica, verdana, sans-serif]Apply for this Job [/font]
Web Site: http://www.shuttleamerica.com
Didn't know they were that desparate for pilots. Maybe it was a typo, the Saab Captain part that is?

Anyone know?
Here's a theory.............we're all getting furloughed and eventually fired, so there going to need to replace us. This way all newhires will be the most jr. people on the seniority list by default there by making DOH integrtion an appealing option.

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