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"Show" time

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Active member
Sep 22, 2005
Prior to a flight how much time are you required to be in position at the aircraft? I have always worked for companies that required a 1 hour position, sometimes a 1.5 hr position if there were extenuating circumstances. Now our company has decided that we need to be in position 3 hours prior to departure. Management claims it is to ensure more time for any mechanical that may come up.
3 hours sounds like a bit much. Most problems will show up on the last flight or on a good post-flight. I prefer 1 1/2 hour shows, which works well...gives the crew time to catch up with our mechanic if needed and makes for a relaxed pace getting ready for the trip.
Wonder what they will think when you can't do the last leg because that three hours all counts against your DUTY TIME! If you have to be at the airport, there is no way for them to get around that!
3 Hour Show .. sounds like "A three hour tour" from Gilligan's Island

Based on the airplanes in your profile, this ugly early show time isn't gonna help a bit unless you are gonna power the airplane up, start the motors and wait at idle for the client.

Three hours??!! You have to be kidding! Unless you're dropping bombs or refueling in the air, three hours is way too much.
...Besides most FBO's don't like to 'Stage' a plane that far ahead of time... Seems like you will find yourself being 'that guy' or walking/asking for a ride to the plane ...

1 hour is plenty of time except for certain trips...

What kind of equipment are you guy's flying?
Everything from LR31a to G550's.... seems this was a temporary idea while there was a systems integration. I'm sure some office genius who never flew a plane before came up with the idea.
7am wheels up time...........you live an hour away.............sounds pretty safe. Takes us no more than 30 minutes to get an airplane ready so an hour show time is plenty for domestic ops. 3 hours I could really do an extra extra thorough preflight.
Who cares it all counts against your duty time. they will stop that in a heartbeat when they can not compleat a trip.
To be at the plane 3 hours prior to the initial start up and take off is excessive, but to be in position somewhere waiting on pax 3 hours early is nuts.

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