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Shorts job in Miami?

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Well-known member
Mar 10, 2003
I heard IBC airways is looking current Short-360 FO out of Miami. I never heard anything positive or negative about this Co. Would that be a good idea? I am qualified, and Skyway is getting on my nerves....if you know what I mean.... Or maybe should I hang in there to get call for the regionals...

Thanks for the help.


I flew for IBC a few years ago and I must say it's not a bad place to work. It's probably one of the best FAR 135 outfits I've worked for. The only thing I didn't like was the C.P., boy is Mark a horses A$$. The guy watches your every move on the ramp in the morning. He micro-manages everything. There's also a couple of suck-ups that work there and they are out to make a name for themselves at your expense. The up-grade time can be when-ever the C.P. wants it to be; they don't go in order of seniority, but rather by how well you can massage the C.P.s ball$.

Other than that I would have to say it's not bad. You get to fly a lot and to many different destinations and most of the guys are really cool to hang out with. MIA is really expensive so be prepared to live like a bum. I rented a room from someone's nice home for $450.00 a month and that was a really good deal. South beach Rocks!! All the Chests you can feast your eyes on.

Best of luck

P.S. I agree with T-gate about running from Skyway that's an acciedent waiting to happen.

El Guapo
For the metro you don't need to be qualified. For the Shorts, you have to be qualified. They just finish a metro class last week. From what I heard they are getting the Sabb pilots from inside. They have one and there is two more coming....
Ball massager, that always looks good on a resume...
I flew the shorts at IBC and left for another local operator recently
that alone is a great reason to be in miami.

I will second the other guy and say that for 135 operators they definately treat you pretty good especially for the reps some of these
operators have in south florida.

pm me for more info if you want

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