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Shipping Mountain Bike

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Livin' the European Dream
Jan 26, 2002
Hey have any of you guys on here shipped a bike, trying to get mine from the MidWest out to the East Coast. FedEx? (75% discount), Non-rev with it...?

Fed Ex discount.

It'll be about $20. Get a used shipping box from a bike shop and break the bike down. Make sure you pad EVERYTHING that touches so there's no scratching going on during shipping. It's tough to get the bike parts arranged in the box just like they were from the factory, but it's important to avoid any damage.

I've done it 3X now. No problems.
Thanks I'll do the FedEx thing I think...$20 thats nothing.
I moved from Oklahoma to Maine and had my bike diassembled at the bike shop where I bought it and shipped via GreyHound bus across the country. Not the fastest but it got to Maine without any hassle.
1. Get a used bicycle box from a bike store.
2. Break down the bike. Take off the pedals, cranks, seat, wheels (duh). Take the handle bars out of the steer tube, either let them dangle or turn them sideways.
3. Throw foam padding between anything that could rub.
4. Zip tie wheels and handle bars if you so desire to the frame so they don't move around.
5. Either zip tie or packing tape the other miscellaneous parts to the frame or inside of box.

I don't know about shipping or things like that in the US. Shipping from points in Canada to points in Canada is $20 I think, so I would think it would be along the same lines in the States. It really shouldn't be an issue at all.

Bye Bye (sorry General Lee)

You don't need to remove the rear wheel- the bike is shipped with it installed. Likewise with the cranks.

The fork needs to be turned around backwards. If there is a reflector or brake hardware that prevents that, remove it.

Remember that the right pedal is reverse threaded! Many people have tried for hours to get it off before giving up. :confused:

Lowering the tire pressure to almost nothing also helps to create more room. It's a tight fit, but getting it right is important to prevent anything from getting damaged or bent during shipping.

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