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Shebles Aviation?

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Well-known member
Jul 30, 2002
Has anyone on here recieved their CFI, II, and MEI through Shebles? I believe its a 12 day course for around 6k.

Appreciate the comments.
Chad, I worked at Sheble's for close to 2 years in 02-03. We prepare you for a checkride, nothing more nothing less. If time is of importance Sheble's can get it done. You must be a bit flexible to say the least though. Schedules constantly change daily and you likely will fly with multiple instructors. I also would budget a couple(2) extra days on each side of your plans for any delays, re-checks or just to drink a coors light w/sr. after your ride. If you are uptight about schedules, flying with the same guy or watching the clock.......then you might want to look elsewhere. If you like to relax, put in the effort and trust them(doing this for over 25 years) you will be pleased in the end.

What I've always liked about Sheble's is the upfront price. Instructors are on salary and can't/won't milk anyone for "extra" flight time=money. I'm not sure who is doing initials, but for the II/MEI eddie or sr. are freaking a blast to fly with and great to work for. Good Luck.
i just finished my MEI there. i also did my initial and II there. the instructors are great, val and joe are awesome. schedules are changing but you can pretty much fly whenever you want, even go solo and practice on your oun...hey free time right...give or take a day or two for your initial b/c planes break and FSDO is always busy. for the CFII and MEI ..you can get CFII in one regular flight and the check ride and MEI in about 2 flights then the check ride. Eddie and SR. are great guys. great training environment always someone there to help you out
BushwickBill said:
I did took longer than that. Overall it was a good program. Dont go buying a ticket that you cant change. Most likely if you know your stuff and you work hard it will work out. Sometimes they are short airplanes. And well if you get sent to your checkride at lake havasu... good luck - your gonna need it.

I did some training at Have a Scr** years back and had a great checkride experience there, Joe LaPlaca was the examiner. Great guy.
Do it with ATP.. :)
Buddy of mine did his ATP with him and said Sr. kept saying "Holy Cock-Balls!" the whole time. Pretty freakin funny if you ask me, but probably not for the mormon thumper crowd.
I did my Comm single, Multi, CFI and CFII there in 12 days. I had good luck with the schedule and instructors. Like many before have said, go to Sheble's ready, and take the checkride. The time I saved has put me in the position I am in today.

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