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Shared Time Building

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Well-known member
Jun 10, 2005
I recently found an FBO that advertises 50 hours of C-150 time building for $700 (dry). In their add they mention pairing you up with another pilot. How exactly does this work? I'm assuming one person serves as a safety pilot. Does that mean the other pilot has to be under the hood? Can two pilots each with a PPL both receive PIC time if one is serving as a safety pilot? I know that's how it's done in the multi time building program. Just curious how this works - sounds like a good way to build time (except for the fact that half your time will be spent not flying the aircraft). What do you guys think?
For people willing to pay for building multi-time, I ran across a guy last week who flies a twin commanche for an oil company. They fly pipeline patrols and off-shore oil rig recons in the gulf. They "charge" you $40/hour to fly with one of the fulltime pilots. You can buy 100 hours for $35/hour. Check it out on multiengine.net if interested. Personally, I don't agree with this practice of charging people to work for you, but it could help the right person out in a pinch.

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