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Shannon pre clearance entry to USA

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Well-known member
Apr 28, 2006

I would like to know from these forum's members, if they have tried to go through Shannon as a pre clearance airport to enter the USA.
And if they did, what was their experience and delay (if any) and the total time gained or lost in their perspective.
Pros and cons and did it really keep it promise of expediting the entry into the US once landed there ?

Is it as advertised or can you expect significant deviations from the published news that has been sent out there ?
Please elaborate on your experience and your personal perspective.

Thank you
Thoughts on 'pre-clearing' in general:

We thought we'd be real slick and pre-clear several years ago from a territory coming back to the US. Big mistake as in this particular location, we had to wait in line with the rest of the folks clearing.

We've got our local customs folks so well greased and have such a good relationship at the three or four airports that we come back home to, that we clear back home in 30 seconds!

Grease the skids back home and take pre-clearing out of play. You'll be WAY happier, and so will the folks in back that pay the bills.
EINN Preclearance

I haven't done it, but I've read the instructions ... bad deal.

1) Park on special designated stands, Signature collects every one and all luggage from the airplane and uses vans to take to the preclearance facility in the main terminal.

2) Following clearance, personnel and luggage are driven back to the airplane and boarded. Fueling can take place now but once the door is closed it can not be re-opened or the clearance is void.

3) Flight departs to specially designated U.S. airports that can dispose of international trash in the proper manner. These airports are ALL airports of entry anyway.

Nuff said.

If my company asks us to pre-clear, I will refuse. A friend did the Shannon pre-clear a couple months ago. Collossal goat rope. Took more than an hour and a half and still had to do the gateway airport thing for the trash removal. Do yourself a favor and use Bangor. You'll be in and out in 20 minutes.

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