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SG D.Q.'d me...but maybe not (update)...


Dec 11, 2001
Total Time
A couple of months ago I posted saying how the SG at training command Dq'd me 2 days before the board met in November, now, a couple of months later, some good advice to those on the board here, and a few days of calling everyone and their uncle and bugging them I got scheduled for an FC-1 at an AF base and everyone there was amazingly friendly and helpful and now I'm just waiting for word on a waiver.

Anyone have any idea how long that takes (took the physical about 4 weeks ago) and is there anyway to speed things up? I'm getting old and am worried if they do waiver me I may be too old! What about an age waiver for an OTS applicant? and what can I do to "help" my recruiter to keep supporting me on this?