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Separating House Hunting Permissive TDY?

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Well-known member
Feb 5, 2002
I heard there was an AF provision for 21 days of permissive TDY house hunting for people separating; has anyone had recent success employing this, and do you have any suggestions to get it approved?
If you are Retiring or Seperating because you were Passed over for Promotion then you receive 20 (30 if overseas) days of Permissive TDY. If you are just getting out after completing your ADSC then you receive 0 (Zero) days. Sorry.

By the way have you been hired by SWA, and are you affected by Stop Loss?
Opie's right on the mark as far as the regs go, but I'd press to test with your Commander. When I separated, my commander felt obligated to give the days to everyone separating. I didn't ask why, but took the days and ran. The PTDY paperwork is pretty much kept in squadron, so military pay won't come in and try to take days of leave for the days you took. I was fortunate: the other squadron commanders on base weren't so generous. The way I see it, it can't hurt to ask. Good luck!


My AF AETC Commander gave me (and most of my peers) 20 days for house hunting during seperation - not retiring - simply getting out. This was in addition to my 89 days of leave I saved up....

I believe a lot in the "Commander's Discretion" authority. I never questioned the regs (or the CC), I took my extra 20 days and enjoyed it! Even my admin shop didn't question it.

Kinda difficult to deal with it after you're out and in training for an airline!

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