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Sent a resume with a mistake! Now what?

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Hugh Jorgan

Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
Okay, I read these posts everyday and regularly scoff at the horrible spelling and grammar used by people who should have solid educations. SOOOO, it's only poetic justice that I realize I have sent out 19 copies of my resume with a spelling error....in boldface!!!!! Now what do I do? Do I contact these companies or just stay quiet and hope for the best? I feel like an idiot. Any advice?
Resume typos

Here's my .02 advice:

(1) Fix the typos;

(2) Don't worry about it. For one thing, airline recruiters receive tons of resumes. They're not likely to remember a specific resume, much less a specific typo. They're looking primarily to see if your quals match their requirements. If you call them, you will call attention to mistakes they ordinarily won't be looking for and likely annoy the person who takes your call. That would be a far greater error than a typo.

(3) Whoever reviews your resume may not know how to spell and won't notice the error.

(4) Correct the error, build time, and in a few weeks submit an updated, well-proofed resume and cover letter stating that you wish to update your file.

(5) Reread (1) - (4).

Lots of luck with your job search.
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Don't feel bad. I applied for a job on Thursday, gave the chief pilot a great looking resume and cover letter - only to forget to have signed the cover letter! I realized the mistake just when I handed him the letter, when it was staring me in the face. I guess we'll just have to learn from our mistakes, huh?

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