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seminole info

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Nov 17, 2003
Does anyone have a Seminole 'pre-solo questionnaire' (for lack of a better phrase)? We have questionnaires on systems for all of our airplanes except the seminole. It would be easy enough to get into the POH and just make up a new one based off the old ones, but in case I miss anything it could be helpful to see what other people are using.

johnpeace said:

Try ATP. When I got my multi rating there in the early 90's they would send you a little booklet on the Seminole to study before coming to start training.
I'll get my hands on our Seminole checkout form and try to get it posted. It asks all the standard systems questions, v-speeds, etc. I'll try to get it up before Turkey Day. But since I don't frequent this site too much anymore, I'll post it on my website, http://tetoh.blogspot.com.

My advice would be to just break down and buy the POH - if you are going to solo the plane, why not learn it as much as possible. As far as costs, you can pick up good manuals from http://www.esscoaircraft.com/ -- I think the Seminole one probably runs $25 -- I got one form Ebay for $10
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