SEL Turbo Prop to Majors


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Jan 10, 2003
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Hello everyone, I have a somewhat unique question I think. I have the opportunity of flying for one of my students as his personal pilot on a single engine Experimental Turboprop 6 seat plane making close to 45K yr 1 and 100K at yr 7 (more than regionals and corprate from what I've heard). My question is, if I go this route and fly only a single engine TurboProp plane would I still be able to get on to a Major knowing it's not a twin and not a jet? The main thing in my head I'm thinking is that even the CRJs are almost Centerline thrust and this plane is still a turboprop so it should be fine. He is also looking at an experimental twin jet of similar size, so should I try to push him towards that? Do the Majors even look at corprate pilots for hiring or is it only Regionals and Military? Any help would be greatly appreciated. For those interested, this is the plane: It's similar to a Platus in size and usefullness, but goes 80 knots faster and only carries 6. Thanks again!



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Dec 5, 2001
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If it’s the majors you want, you are going to have to get multi-engine turbine PIC. Some are different than others when it comes to their requirements but you need the multi-engine turbine. As for the CRJ, it is not even close to center line thrust. If that were the case then the md-90 dc9 G-V etc. would all be in that same category. It all depends on what you want in the end. Also, how much time do you have before you turn 60? Working for your friend/student might be a good thing in the beginning but what if his business takes a turn for the worse? The first thing to go is the company plane. If he is the private owner, than what if he dies? (Sorry but it could happen) more plane. Like I said, if its the majors that you are after, then concentrate on the multi-engine PIC, either jet or turboprop. Hope this helps



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Nov 11, 2003
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If you can make $100K at year seven flying a corporate single engine turboprop, don't walk but run away from the airline industry! After a few years doing that, you'd be a shoe-in for any Meridian, Caravan, or PC-12 job out there. Granted thats probably not the niche you want to be in, but it can be a means to an end. In my experience, guys who grow up in corporate have a much better chance of getting those really good corporate jobs than an outsider.

Balance your ambitions with your financial situation and realistic expectations, and I'm sure you'll be fine. Also, I know of a few corporate pilots that have been recently hired on at UPS, but they had medium to heavy corp jet experience.

Good luck!