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Segrave Aviation

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Nov 6, 2006

October 6th, 2009

Greetings Brothers and Sisters

This week has seen a great deal of activity for both companies - activity that
management has not acknowledged nor sent any communication out on. Rest
assured we listen and want to openly communicate what we know.

A great deal of you have taken that stand and signed up for the Pilots Forum.
Many have sent in their cards. Thank you. We need to get the word out to all the
pilots. Please pass this along, talk with your fellow pilots and get them to join the
web board and/or mail in their cards. We need to have a unified voice to secure a
better future for ourselves and families.

We want to send our sincerest regrets to the remainder of the PEA pilots who
were furloughed this past week. From what we can gather the last of the Beechjets
and Hawkers were parked and/or moved to be disposed. The company once again
has not given any notice or communication to the pilots and their families. We
have heard that a group of effected pilots are pursuing legal action through the
WARN Act (Requiring a 60 day notice before mass furloughing). We have passed
this information up to Teamsters management to see if they can offer any advice
or assistance for those effected. We can’t promise any thing at this point (since
we do not have a union voted in yet) but we want you to know that we are trying
to help our effected fellow aviators.

We also have received information that Mr. Segrave is communicating with at least
one former pilot and a stuffed animal who have posted their concerns on
Facebook yet he won’t address the entire pilot group. It appears your efforts have
gotten his and management’s attention. Lets keep the pressure on. Send in those
authorization cards! If you have gotten communications that you would like
posted on the web board please forward them to [email protected]
for review and inclusion on the web board.

There are two other issues we need to bring to your attention. First, we have
heard a SAI Hawker 800 Captain was terminated last week for what we understand
as voicing his opinion. Management got upset and let him go. This is yet another
instance where having a unified voice with a union will stop these “off the cuff”
terminations by management.

Second, we have learned there is one former PEA pilot still standing. Mr.
Ringelstein began Lear 60 Initial today for SAI. PEA pilots were told there were no
training funds yet they can find money to reward Mr. Ringelstein for walking all
over the PEA pilots backs. We wish Mr. Ringelstein all the best during his training
- training at our brothers and sisters expense. The current Lear 60 fleet lead
captain better check 6 because you are probably his next target. We hope the
company wont begin laying off fellow SAI pilots as their training expires to hire
pre-qualified “street pilots”.

In closing, please help us get the word out to all SAI and PEA pilots to join the
forum and mail in those Authorization Cards.


Your Brothers and Sisters in Unity,

The Organization Committee of SAI and PEA Pilots

Helpful Links:

Pilot Web Board Information forum Address:


Authorization Card:

IBT 1108 Address:

WARN act does not apply unless all personnel are in one location. This was the grounds for another lawsuit for a charter company that was operating with a "home-based" system and closed with no-notice.
Deleted for fear of speaking too, much truth.

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