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Segrave Aviation,Kinston N.Car.

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Do a search, you will find Segrave discussed a few times. A lot of negative has been posted, but I interviewed with them in January for a HKY-based BE400 FO position and found it to be a good experience. I wasnt hired, but the pay they were offering was good for a 135 Beechjet FO in NC. They did indicate that there would a lot of time away from home however.

Some of the older posts paint a pretty bleak picture of the operation. I'm sure it's no dream job, but the company I saw at the interview seemed a lot better than previous posts on here would lead me to believe. Maybe someone with more current and extensive experience with them can chip in.

Either way, good luck.
CP - overpaid "Yes" man, once a company Capt. 'Begged' nemerous times to come back and be CP and refrained until the 'right' numbers were on the table. I've seen noodles more firm than this guy.
DO - Just drawing a check to offset the havoc with his UAL Pension, rarely around.
DM - Super guy with a great shop and staff, hates most jet pilots, However, he will put a bullet in the back of your head to save his own skin after telling you, "I've got your back."

The "Owner"....For the sake of professionalism and something my momma always said...


Overall, little professionalism abounds in this organization. Everyone is out to screw everyone else before they get screwed themselves. There is an "I" in T.E.A.M. and you will without a doubt find this in Kinston, NC.

You will interview there and get their best game face. However, pull the finely pained skin and new interior back and you will find a very different picture. Look around at the faces and listen to some of the phone conversations if you can. Ask to spend the afternoon (MORNING If possible) in the Charter Department and other Offices to see, "How things are run" their game face is only good for about 20 minutes to an hour depending on the fire of the moment or which schizophrenic emotion the owner is emitting. Go a day early and just sit in the lobby of the "FBO" as if waiting for an aircraft to arrive. See how many people there are smiling and enjoying their jobs. Other than a couple of nearby manufacturing plants, these are the best jobs within 100 miles and people take the crap and pay because they feel few options exist elsewhere.


They need you. Not the other way around.

Lastly, I was recently in an FBO with an aircraft from my new company. The owner/manager thought I was still with Segrave and had gotten a new airplane. He wasn't going to let me leave unless he got paid for the work on a Segrave plane from the Summer 2004. Poor sap had been sending past-due notices regularly and getting classic responses like, "the check is in the mail."


I would not quit ANY job to go to segrave. If you are needing work it might work as a temp job at best. They will lie to you left and right and cheat you every chance they get.

You will have to put up a fight if you don't want to get violated. Be prepared to get into a shouting match and to be cussed out and threatend by the owner when you make a no go decision for maint. or WX.

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