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Sea Plane Transition?

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Pretty sure it is 1000 dollars and a couple or three days, weather permitting. Brown's has a web site you can Google for.
Do you need anything aside from air and sleep?

You can learn from everything you do. I've found that training in diverse areas of aviation can teach you about the main thing upon which you focus. I learned more about aerodynamics by skydiving than I did by reading dry text after text. Likewise, I learned a lot about landing an airplane by flying seaplanes. Forget the fact that it's probably the most fun you can have with clothes on...forget the fact that you gain an appreciation for landing in unfamiliar environments and the positive enhancement this can have for beginning to understand off field and emergency landings. Forget the fact that stepping outside your comfort zone makes you a better pilot and a more rounded, safer pilot...It's one more thing you can stick on your certificate, and it will give you an excuse to get rid of your ratty laminated certificate and get a shiny new wilbur and orvil hologram plastic certificate.

They're great for jimmying locked doors...

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