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Scope / Delta MEC verifies RJDC's projections

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Dec 21, 2001
For months now the RJDC's analysis showed that Delta Connection would exceed the block hour limitations in the Delta Scope. At the same time both the company and DALPA said that the block hour limits had not been exceeded and would not be exceeded.

Well here is the news flash, from none other than the Delta MEC, that the RJDC’s prognosis was correct.

Now what? Well - if the Delta MEC’s grievance is sustained it will force the furlough of pilots flying profitable airplanes at Delta Connection. Further, we can expect that Chairman Buergey and the Delta MEC will do everything possible to “repair” their scope – meaning yet another attack on the flying of Connection pilots.

The use of small jets has allowed Delta to sustain a greater market presence for the rebuilding of mainline flying when the loads return. Rather than keep the network intact, I fully expect the Delta MEC to engage in mutual assured destruction. However, we can always hope that see that it would benefit all pilots performing Delta system flying to integrate and allow the company to operate the right sized equipment on the right routes.

(Here is a re-post of the Delta MEC's statement)

In a letter dated January 29, 2002, Delta management notified your union leadership that Delta plans to operate fewer block hours of Delta flying during 2002 than any of the 2002 planned minimums in our Pilot Working Agreement. Management also stated that the planned percentage of Delta Connection flying for 2002 will exceed the 2002 maximum planned percentages in the contract. Management claims that their revised planned block hour
and planned percentages are excused by a circumstance beyond the Company's control under Section 1.E.6.b. of the contract, namely "the September 11 terrorist attacks and their consequences." Management also asserts that at least one of the conditions in Section 1 E 6.a. for requiring a reset of these numbers will be met. While we cannot reveal specific Delta plans due to confidentiality restrictions under Section 1.M.3 of the contract, we can report that management's new plans do violate the contract unless the plans are excused under Section 1 E 6 of the contract as claimed by management. Today, your union filed a grievance for submission to the Delta Pilots' System Board of adjustment to challenge management's claims on this issue under Section 1M. of the PWA. Management has also requested that ALPA and Delta meet to confer for resetting the contractual block hour plans and planned percentages, but your union has advised management that such action is premature. We will continue to update you on this situation as more information becomes available.
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The best part of the MEC's press release is...
While we cannot reveal specific Delta plans due to confidentiality restrictions
I'm thinking the reason for all the confidentiality is the fact that the Connection and Mainline guys would turn the ATL Atrium into Gettysburgh... (only kidding, but this is going to affect some folks)
I think this has always been their goal, to increase Delta flying at the expense of the other parts of their airline. I think most Delta mainline pilots were in favor of one-list, but it was turned down by the MEC and ALPA, without their input. I'm sure now most Delta pilots realize that this was a mistake, and will fight for some kind of flowdown, something to force the furloughes on the feeders. The rjdc is just the first group to advise us how dangerous scope against your own airline is, but soon everyone will understand it. That is why ALPA has it's merger and fragmentation policy. It helps everyone, not just the airline pilots that were purchased.
I might add that we are voting on ALPA here at Gemini, and management is using the Delta/DCI dogfight as an example of why we should vote no, even going so far as to email us a link to the RJDC website!
skydiverdriver said:
...most Delta pilots realize that this was a mistake, and will fight for some kind of flowdown, something to force the furloughes on the feeders.

It is impossible to say, but since ALPA usually engages in pattern bargaining the US Air proposal will probably find its way over to DALPA. By simply taking new jet deliveries from Connection the Delta pilots could restore their ratios over a period of time.

The only problem is that the mainline guys do not want to fly small jets under with small jet pay rates. They would prefer that these airplanes simply disappear.

The RJDC litigation will make it more difficult for ALPA to simply rob the "have nots" to give to the "haves" in this instance. ALPA owes the Connection pilots the same effort to protect our jobs that it does the mainline pilots.

The Delta pilots are so quick to point out that the Connection pilots did not decide to leave Connection and interview at mainline. That arguement can easily be turned around. The Delta pilots decided to leave other jobs knowing that a mainline career would be more subject to furlough, particularly when their pilots cost more than any pilot on the planet.

Positive solutions exist. If integrated the pilots could bid for the equipment their seniority could hold, the company could operate the right sized aircraft and grow. It would certainly be easier for me to stomache a furlough if I knew we were all in the same boat together & would prosper when the economy turns around.

In the meantime it is time to get my resume together...
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I would use the rjdc website to urge you to vote FOR ALPA. I think they do a lot of good, and are a good bargaining agent. However, some in their leadership have taken things from the rank and file, and need to be redirected. As soon as they are forced to follow their own rules, the ones they designed to protect their members, ALPA should be a great union to be involved in. Right now, I still think they are the best way to go. Good luck on your vote.

I have said many times that I side with you on goals, but not methods. Your and SDD's attempts to interpret my thoughts is comical. One would have to be a complete moron to not see that Delta scope clauses hurt DCI. Contrary to your beliefs, I am not in that category. We have a contract coming up. Let's get our own scope language to ensure that WO carriers fly all of the block hours we can. Better yet, let's leave ALPA.

I have said that I will no longer discuss RJDC, but I will not stand by watching you and SDD mutate my words and ideas to your benefit, an art which you have nearly perfected.

Best of luck with your lawsuit against me and the rest of your dues-paying ALPA brothers.

FL000 writes:
Not only do we not want to create a rift between us and mainline pilots...
So instead of sitting around whining about how I've been mistreated, I intend to apply to Delta, get an interview, and hopefully get a job with them, albeit in the distant future. That will be difficult to accomplish with an RJDC sticker on my flight bag...
I suggest it will be even harder if you are furloughed from ASA and Delta enters a US Air style death spiral due to constraints on its ability to compete in a free market.

Sorry to quote you, but if given the choice between Benedict Arnold and George Patton I believe Patton was more altruistic to those he worked alongside.

With regard to your most recent post. First, ASA does not control Delta system flying. ASA management can not enter into contracts that restrict Delta. The ASA MEC can only negotiate with ASA. Legally - it is impossible for ASA to scope Delta.

Secondly, if ASA leaves ALPA, then ALPA has no duty at all to the ASA pilots and can simply steamroll them without recourse.

It is better to repair ALPA and bring our pilots together than it is to build more walls by scope between ASA and other Delta Connection carriers.
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Well, this all just goes to show that regional pilots should contribute to the RJDC if they want to protect thier job.

I'm well aware of what I have written in the past. Wanting to be hired at Delta and wanting better conditions at ASA are not mutually exclusive. So what's your point?

I want to flank left and you want to penetrate the middle, so now I'm Benedict Arnold? We have the same goals, my friend. I don't know how many times it's going to take to get it through your head. In fact, I have reconsidered AGAIN. Please take my words and do anything you want with them. Rearrange them. Change them. Redefine them. Turn them upside down and backwards. I don't give a d@mn. I don't have the time to continuously rebut your contortions of my posts. I think the majority of the audience has the brains to see where I stand, whether or not they agree with me.

My apologies for any and all personal attacks in past posts. I think we just have to agree to disagree and leave it at that.

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