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Scoop on ASA/ACA

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New member
Feb 1, 2002
What's the news on ASA and ACA interviewing ?

Last year I was scheduled in September for an interview at ASA...

Wondering if any of those two started calling people from their interview pool, or are they still busy with the pilots they already interviewed ?

Keep blue side up...(at least with passengers)

Just started interviewing again. About 25/wk for a while (end of year?) Supposed to hire 350 this year.
Hiring at ACA

Hiring at ACA was 26 last month and 27 this month. The company will have to hire, on average, 42 a month to make the 350 for this year.

ASA had 2 new hire classes in the last 2 month. They will stop for now because we have guys on the brasilia who are transitioning to the CRJ. I heard rumors that they may start interview early summer and maybe have a new hire class in May. Again, all rumors and things can change.


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