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Like the rest of us in the canyon, they don't seem to be flying that much. Last time I talked to a Scenic pilot, I think I remember him saying 1/2 of the pilots were laid off. This was 3 months ago so if anyone has better info, please feel free to correct me.
I spoke with friend of mine...

I spoke to a friend of mine that has a friend, that knows of a guy who's buddy fly's there, and he said they are looking at pretty good numbers for the spring. They are the busiest of all the canyon drivers at this time doing over half of what the others are doing.

This year the captains averaged 890 hours. 80 hours per month in the spring and summer, 50 per month during the winter. Captains Averaged 37,000 this year :eek: . Considering 1 or 2 overnights a month this ok :eek: .

Their main customer are the Japanese, and JAL will be continuing their direct flight in March. At that time they are expecting a 50 percent increase in their flying, which means everyone who was furloughed will be called back around March. They are expanding into the EAS market and are getting good results. They just bought a beech 1900 to supplement the EAS.

Send in your resume sometime around march and maybe by summer you will get called for an interview. National Airlines hired 7 scenic pilots in 3 months (as an experiment), one of the reasons is that they like to hire local pilots.

I hope this answered your question. :)

No way.. They are hiring outside folks before they bring back their furloughed people.?. that is low. Did you guys know that could happen?
My queston is why? Bringing in new guys and training them (I don't care if they already have a type in the same plane, you still have to do some training.) when you have guys that you already trained sitting on the street. This makes no sence to me! Anyone? -Bean
Scenic airlines has two personalities (certificates)

One certificate they purchased from Skywest a few years ago. This is the certificate which they operate the Twin Otters on. Eagle Jet Charter is the certificate which they operate Fokker 27's on. Because of the two certificates they have Two DO's, Two Chief Pilots, and two duty dispatchers. The otter side has furloughed, the F-27 side has a new hire class in the sim. As I understand it, none of the people in the F-27 class are furloughed otter drivers.

Oh yeah, the eagle side of the company also has a Beech 1900 which they have just completed proving runs with...
Vorimo Expect a Late April Call Back

Hello Vorimo,

Try and not listen too much of what OtterFo is saying. After all he is not even an otter FO. Someone told me that he once told an IOE captain (while he was still in IOE) that he had the airplane mastered in 75 hours.

Scenic has lost about 5 pilots that have gone or are going to other jobs. In addition one of the Otter FO's got hired into the F27. If you have an interview at some other place GO ON IT, don't hold your breath for Scenic. The reason why I say that is because Scenic had an informal flow through agreement with the eagle side, otter pilots would go to the F27, when the going got tough they would flow back to the otter and then go back to the F27, this happened to a number of pilots. Many of the senior captains flying the otter wanted to go to the F27, but the new chief pilot over there decided to hire off the street and as a token gesture he hired one otter FO who says he was originally hired for it. It sounds confusing I know. What they did is about as dumb as them calling the F27 a jet (eagle jet), and it’s not even a jet.

A few months ago they put out an invitation to flow over to the beech 1900. But they later rescinded that since one of the F27 pilots decided to dedicate himself fully toward the 1900.

If I were you I would continue to apply to other regional's that are hiring. If you get hired hey your at a better place if you don't you can go back to the bottom of the barrel. Expect a call back in late April.

My buddy (former CFI) is a FO on the otter. He has told me on numerous occasions that he simply HATES working for scenic. He says that they treat their pilots like crap, and the pay is horrible. He has told me that the company seems to antagonize certain pilots through scheduling and other expenses (funny stories - he said scenic's healthcare program will only cover 1 medical exam per year so the other has to come out of ur pocket... also during thanksgiving, they scheduled a "free turkey give-away" exactly when the bulk of the pilots would be on trips or otherwise unavailable to redeem it LOL). Yes he is getting hours but is very unhappy.

After my last post i learned that their cheif pilot is an ex-Usair guy (or somehow affiliated) which explains a lot. They have been hiring usair furloughees and placing them pretty high on the seniority ladder, above active and furloughed scenic guys - which is supposedly illegal based on equal labor protection laws.

At first my buddy really liked working at scenic and turned me onto it (as i am an aspiring pilot), but now he is seriously considering a change in profession and I have little interest in the airline.

Since I dont have first hand experience with this issue I appologize if anything I said is not true... please correct me if so.


Your IOE at Scenic may have required 75 hours or more. But mine sure didn't.... You might want to check your story.
sounds like the same old scenic

It's been 3 years now, but it sounds like things havent changed. They will always hire off the street CA will you are a FO waiting to upgrade. This was the story of my life 3 years ago. I feel for you guys. My best advice is they seem to break down to you, if you stand up to the company in groups. Good luck

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