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Santa is calling Mark to see who's nice!

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Dec 16, 2001
Ladies, Gentlemen, and Aviators,

I know Mark doesn't want to hound you all on this, but he is feeling the pressure as he doesn't want to fail the community. There are only 13 days left in the month and he needs to sign the contract with $5,000 up front on 1 Jan to keep this board guaranteed open through 2002.

There are approximately 1400 members on this board. I'd suggest we drop the expectation of $25 to $10 today. For all of you that have NOT donated yet, please do so right NOW by CLICKING HERE. Pull out the credit card, it IS secure using the well known PayPal, take a break from reading this board and donate $10 today.

That's it friends, let's just throw in $10 measly dollars if you haven't already, and let's put this baby to rest. Once Mark hits $5,000 he'll stop the donations and we can move on and discuss what we love to do best _________ (you fill in the blank)! :)

Happy Holidays to all! Remember, it's the gift of GIVING, not RECEIVING!


P.S. Once you post your donation, be sure to sign in to the Donor forum so we can proudly see who the supporters are! Cross that line, don't be one of those "others" that just take advantage of us!

Anyone seen Goose?

I was wondering why all of these aviation web sites are running all of these fund raisers?
I currently run several web sites of my own and it seems like most of these aviation related sites seem to be asking for a lot more cash than it actually takes to keep a site running.

You can get web hosting from several web hosts for $20-$40 per month and it only costs $15 per year for a domain name.

Even if they are paying $50 a month for hosting the most it could possibly cost is 50*12= $600 per year then add $15 for the domain. Basically you could keep one of these sites online for under $1,000 a year. So why are they asking for $5,000? I don't get it! Top top it all off there are sponsors of these sites, I'm sure they don't run their ads on here for free!

Any ideas anyone?

Mr. Coex,

You couldn't be farther from wrong, and I mean really really far! The web hosting you describe is 1) shared hosting and not dedicated, offers very limited hard disk storage space, does NOT offer SQL Server storage space, if so very limited, as Mark described that the previous database size was 150 megs. See how much 150 megs of SQL Server costs! How about bandwidth, what does your $15/month offer for bandwidth allocation? This site takes 80Gigs/month! The activity of this site requires Mark to have his own server.

It's simply an education thing, you don't understand hosting a business class site that does 2 million hits per month. Yes, there are web hosting options for $4.95 a month, hell, my AOL account allows me to have a web site as does MSN, etc., but that doesn't mean you can install software such as this to it.

Sorry, blood pressure up, I have a low tolerance for incompetence and your post reminds me of my son "Scott" who I wish I never had! :) (if you haven't seen Austin Powers, then don't try to comprehend the last statement)!!!

If you'd like to prove me wrong, state the exact company that provides the hosting you describe and I'd be happy to show you how it wouldn't support a site like this!

Homework for you:
  1. Find a web host that allows 500 megs storage
  2. Find a web host that allows 80+ gigs/month bandwidth
  3. Find a web host that allows you to install your own forum software
  4. Find a web host that can handle 2 million hits/month and if they would host this on a shared server
  5. Find a web host that allows for 150 megs of SQL Server
  6. Determine the end price of this server per month, if you find one under $14.95/month, I'll make a donation of $100 for you to Mark!

Dr. Evil is correct in most of what he said. We do have our own server at Flightinfo.com that is leased. Do to the high bandwidth, high exposure, and software required to keep this running, it's very expensive. We cannot run this site on a shared service such as you are pricing and the space, custom software, and bandwidth requirements, much less hardware of the server required, is no where near the pricing you suggest.

The comfort you experience by using this high speed useful forum is due to the right software on the right hardware run by professional engineers. There are no popup ads, so Mark does not rely on significant nuisance advertising to make this site run. If you want to help Mark, shop his Flightinfostore as that's his only real income other than the very few banner ads he runs.

Thank you for your constructive criticism and I hope some of the things Dr. Evil mentioned you can take to heart as they are in fact true.

Happy Holidays to all!
Dr. Evil
First things first. I had no idea of how much space/ data transfer flight info has per month. I guess I'm spoiled with the dedicated servers I have. One of them has 30 gigs of space and the other has 3 18 gig drives. Granted I do not pay $20 a month for these, but I can pretty much transfer as much data as I wish with these machines, it's usually in excess of 100 gigs a month.

1. 150 megas of sql is not all that expensive when you have your own dedicated machine seeing as how you can use the space any way you wish.
2. Pretty much on any dedicated machine you can run any sort of software you wish (usually)
3. You say this site gets 2 million "hits" per month. Do you know what a "hit" is? That's any file, or image that is pulled from your server. A "hit" is not a unique visitor (just thought you might want to know that) In december I've already done 6.8 million hits which comes out to 156,000 unique visitors.
I'm confused!!!

I guess I'm spoiled with the dedicated servers I have. One of them has 30 gigs of space and the other has 3 18 gig drives. Granted I do not pay $20 a month for these, but I can pretty much transfer as much data as I wish with these machines, it's usually in excess of 100 gigs a month


Answer this: How much does your Dedicated server with 3 x 18 gig drives and excess of 100 gigs/month bandwidth cost, per month? (answer, don't squabble your way out, put the dollar figure down) - _______

I most certainly agree with your points on a Dedicated machine. However, explain where you come up with $50/month?

Why is there no WWW next to your name if you have web sites? I'd love to see what sites you are running that are deliver over 100 gig of bandwidth a month, I bet it's a worthwhile site, so what is it? ________

Who do you lease your servers with? Maybe Mark could benefit from your expertise? ________

How much does it cost, per server, per month, for the config you mention? ________

Well Mr. Coex, I'm still waiting for your homework. Justify your first post in saying this site could be hosted for $50/month. If you're going to state that to this community attempting to shoot down Mark's ability to collect funds, answer the mail and tell us all what you found that would suit Mark's needs for that cost.

Lastly, it looks like I won't be having to donate $100 to Mark as it doesn't look like (from your recent reply) that you will be proving me wrong. So I expect you, in kind, to fess up the $100 to Mark as you attempted to disrupt the fundraiser and this is your payback.

Awaiting your answers to the above, inquiring minds want to know.

#1 I pay $450 a month for one of my dedicated machines.

#2 I didn't say I pay $50 a month for any of my machines..........I said it is possible to host a website for $50 a month (depending upon data transfer and the use of hard disc space) as I said before I did not know how much this web site was transfering per month or how much space they were using.

#3 I actually run several sites.
http://www.megaessays.com (8,434,352 hits and 274,781 unique visitors last month alone!)
http://www.netessays.net (6,835,250 hits and 156,080 visitors this month)

#4 I have one of my servers through Dellhost.com and one server leased from a reseller.

#5 As stated above $450 a month for one machine and $1200 a month for the other.

As for your comments from before............"It's simply an education thing, you don't understand hosting a business class site that does 2 million hits per month."

You couldn't be more WRONG! As I showed you above my sites get 3 to 4 times the number of hits as this site does, so I obviously must know something! Don't start talking trash about someone unless you know all the facts, and you obviously do not! I've already done more with the web at the age of 24 than most people do in their life!

Any ways, thanks for the info on the site. I had no idea how much transfer you do per month or how much space you were using. Now it makes more sense and I can see why you are asking for donations. I hope you are able to reach your goals and keep this site running! It is actually quite usefull for a lot of people!

Lastly........DrEvil rather than donating $100 to this web site, I will do all of you a favor and keep my aviation site running for FREE and NOT ask any of you for DONATIONS!

Homework for DrEvil.............figure out what site I run :)

Happy Holidays!
Look, you've been ASKED for a contribution....just do it

I've read this board for years, gained a ton of info, read respected posters opinions, and learned some tools to land my job at ASA. I took one he-- of pay cut (worth it), maxed out all credit lines, and now my wife is battling cancer. We will survive and keep a positive attitude as well. 25.00 is a drop in the bucket and I'm glad that I can contribute to someone who spends a tremendous amount of time and money to provide this service to the aviation community. I hope that there are more who just haven't made the time to donate...the time is now. Thanks Mark!

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