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!!!San Diego Pilots Beware!!!!

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Jan 6, 2002
Called the FSDO yesterday and the inspector mentioned that they are going to be out in full force over the next few weeks doing ramp checks.

What set off their enforcement step up was numerous complaints by pilots with in the area. Complaints mostly about the poor practices of local flying clubs and inoperative equipment.
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Thanks for the heads-up. The Gibbs ramp would be ground zero, I presume...
Make sure you push 'er back with the nav lights on, less you feel the wrath of Tyrone!
hey guys,

I fly out of Gibbs with Plus One. I'm new to the area. Back where I used to fly we never worried about ramp checks. . . any tips on what NOT to do over the next few weeks. I've recently flown with an instructor and he said I operated safely. Still . .what kind of little things do pilot's get busted for that maybe we don't consider on every flight. ARROW right?


It seems like everyone in Southern California knows about the Nav light violation that guy got at GIBBS. If they will get you for that they will get you for anything.
L.A. Area (Brackett Apt) POC

I know a guy that got busted a few months ago when he taxied too fast to parking on our ramp at Runway 3-7 (flight school). I also heard that we are to do a weight & balance every time we go out for a flight. Basically, review the Private Oral Exam Guide (blue book) or Flight Review for items needed before each flight.

One more, if they ask you how you know the airplane is air worthy, read off the definition from the Airworthiness Certificate. That should make them stop bugging you because they'll see you have it together.

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