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San diego corp/charter jobs?

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
anyone know of any part time charter or corporate, right or left seat jobs in the san diego area?
I lived there for 28 years and learned to fly at SEE and CRQ. Although I was a junior birdman at that time, I could see it was going to be very difficult to get a good job over there. Good luck, it's a tough proposition to get into a good position in that area... very desireable place for many. Better make some good money there too. High cost of living. Traffic like Los Angeles now too. I visited my old home town on a trip not long ago and did not recognize the area due to massive amounts of construction.

Try Jim's air at SAN and everyone at CRQ. Those are your best options. You will need to build lots more time and a few corp types before you are considered for anything.

Don't like the Regionals?
If you're furloughed, you may have to give up your number before anyone corp op looks at you.

I think Jim's Air has a charter op.???
I love flyin the regionals, just lookin to do some stuff on the side and build some time so i can upgrade fastrer to captain. i have about 14 days off amonth and i live in sd right now so i was just lookin for something part time.
Did'nt know you guys could do that. Does any other 135 flying jeopardize your monthly total time at the regional?

Good luck
we can with prior approval from the chief pilots, we still have to follow 30 in 7 and 100 hours as well as 1 in 7.

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