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Sample Resumes?

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Active member
Jul 28, 2002
Greetings all! I haven't done a resume in a long time. I was wondering if anyone knew of any www sites where there are sample aviation-related resumes available? I need to put one together and could use something as a guide. Even though I know the hiring picture is somewhat bleak, it's time to move on. Nothing is happening at the FBO I'm instructing/sweeping the floor/answering the phone/ making coffee at....you get the picture.

Resume format

Here's the basic format of my resume:

Your name in large letters
Phone number
Cell number

(The above should be centered on the page)

Objective: Professional Pilot Employment (or Flight Officer) (Flight Instructor if it is for that job)

Certificates and Ratings: Pilot certificates and ratings, instructor certificate and ratings, First Class Medical, Ground instructor certificate and ratings, A & P, FCC Radiotelephone Permit, etc.

Flight Time: (center the total, something like, "Total 4565)
Then break it down into PIC, multi, instrument, cross-country, night, dual given, etc. If you have good turbine, put it fairly high. You want to set up nicely-tabulated columns, with the most significant times highest up.

Experience: State your employers and dates of employment. Last employer first. Describe your job duties briefly and succinctly and aircraft flown, e.g. "Trained ab initio Alitalia crews using the line-oriented flight training philosophy. Aircraft flown: PA-44, PA-28-160, MO20."

Then, Technical Training. List your school and/or source of training.

Education: Put down your college, degree earned and major. If you graduated cum laude and had a high GPA, put it down. That is a major plus, no matter when you graduated.

Personal info: Date of birth, etc.

Finally, at the bottom:

Availability: Immediate

The examples are actual from my resume.

Keep it simple and to the point. Above all, keep it to one page. It may be scanned into an H.R. database.

In your case, see if you can put a good spin on your FBO duties. Something like "Assisted with managing large FBO," or "Involved in customer service." Something to make it sound more than just sweeping floors or making coffee. Just be careful not to distort what you do at the FBO.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your job search.

Thanks for the info! Much appreciated.

Sample Resume

Good website listed above with some great tips. However, on the sample, I believe that it is more standard to place "Education" under "Employment History." After stating Objective, then Certificates and Ratings, and then the flight time section. Recruiters think along those lines. They think in terms of quals. If they see you meet their basic quals, they place you in a followup pile. Give it to them immediately. They may not even review your employers or education until your interview.

As much as I dislike much of what Kit Darby stands for, he does provide some good resume forms that many regard as industry standard. Go look at his materials for some more ideas.

This is really a good topic. I think a lot of people who could be hired shoot themselves in the foot by not providing standardized resumes.
A couple of notes:

First. Do NOT use Personal data. Many companies will toss resumes out if they contain a personal section. There seems to be some legal issues about it.

Second. When I get resumes from pilots who in their employment history section do not list the aircraft they flew for that company, I tend to disregard them.

Do not use a Aircraft Flown section. As an employer, I really do not care about all the aircraft types you have flown. All I really care about is the types you have a substantial amount of time in and those you have worked in.

On flight times give more than total time and PIC. And I have seen resumes with just that for flight time.

In your certificate and ratings section, I would suggest you include, if you have them, your passport and radio telephone operators permit. I once lost a good job opportunity because I didn't list my radio telephone operators permit. And if you do not have them, I would get them. They are both required for international operations.

Good luck.
I highly recommend Airinc's resume critique service. I hate giving them any more money than I already have, but this product was a worthwhile investment. They see lots of resumes and and are very familiar with the current industry standard.

I thought I had a good resume when I submitted it for their review. They made some tremendous suggestions. I was much happier with the resume I gave to UPS during the interview process.
Thanks to all who have responded to my original post with so much informative and useful information. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this.


Don't know if you have tried to get in touch with Business Aviation in Sioux Falls AKA Sioux Falls Aviation? They have a ton of 402B's and 310's.. Always looking for pilots as far as I know..
The man to speak to is John Halbur.. Great guy..


Thanks for the info about Business Aviation. I plan on sending them a resume, as soon as I get my lazy butt in gear. A friend of mine who flies for Bemidji Aviation recommended them also.

Guess I've been holding off on sending the resumes out hoping that things will get better here at the home base...but, unfortunately, it doesn't look like things will improve.


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