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Lord Wakefield

Well-known member
Oct 20, 2002
Are we at NJ going to layoff? Perhaps.

Things are definitely slower although some of this may be from improvements in scheduling where ferries no longer account for 40% of the flying (try getting an F/O thru IOE these days!)

I predict the same people will be working (more) and the same people will be sitting home (more). And when the IBB eliminated so-called "equal distribution of flying" it removed everyone's right to squawk about it.

Whether it was FIFO or pledges to do something about the A-team, equal distribution of flying was never taken seriously by the company and never seriously enforced by the unions.

So, how are the shrewd pilots going to milk the system now?

Well, if you're on a busy fleet and live in a busy gateway where there's a real chance of flying a company plane on your first and last days--- Take the time off. Two days off is better than 1.5 times your daily rate, especially considering what Obamasiah will take from your cheque.

But, the ones who are really going to score.... That'll be those in slow fleets who live in BF. Don't take the time off, there's a limit to the number of days in a year or a lifetime. Take the money, you'll hardly be working anyway. You would've probably sat home those days you were going to comp. Let your brother and sister pilots earn the extra pay you receive at home.

Nothing changes.

How dire is the situation? Who knows. A lot of us would have a lot easier time believing mngmt if it weren't for their tactics in 2005. If I see NJCrewserver or NJAOwner commenting here, I'll conclude it's all a ruse. But, personally, I think we're headed down the toilet with a lot of other businesses. And yet, I think our chances of survival are pretty good. Better than GM, Chrysler, Flops, or a lot of BRKHTHWY companies for that matter.

If I was a ruthless CEO, I'd say shred the list and furlough by aircraft and gateway. They're laying off all the pilots in Bozeman?? Move!

Glad I bought that property in Cody, I'm going to make the best of this slowdown.
LW, I bet there are a lot of NJ pilots who would be uncomfortable taking full pay/not reducing their schedule when they're spending lots of time at home. :erm: My family would feel guilty doing that, but aside from the moral implications of your advice, I don't recommend it. Shared burdens are always lighter and the jobs NJ pilots save by helping out could well be their own!
Thanks for the kind words, Sir...:) Based on their behavior for the past 5 years, I do think the majority of the NJ pilots will do their part to show solidarity to their fellow pilots and to make the Joint Preventive Measures an example worth following. Given their track record, I can't see the pilotgroup throwing in the towel just because times are tough. NJW
Time will tell how it will go, the jury is still out at this time.
NJW, even though I know where you're coming from, it's important to also keep in mind that not every pilot can afford to take any sort of a pay cut. For many years, we worked for wages WAY below what they should have been. Some have accrued quite a bit of debt during that time. Whether it was reckless spending or due to something that was out of their control, the debt still exists. I know because I'm one of those pilots. I'm currently taking a 5 day leave this month and another 5 days in July or August. I could use sick days but I'm budgeting so I can contribute to the cause. As far as taking a hit every month though, I just can't do it. I'll do as much as I can.
G200, I realize that participation will vary among the NJ pilots/families. Next time I'll use that popular disclaimer...your mileage may vary....:)

The beauty of the package is that it allows a wide range of application in using the options. A pilot can work a reduced schedule every month or just take a day here and there, as their budget allows.

Knowing that a caring attitude is critical for success, I believe we'll see a motivated pilotgroup eager to do what they can. I also think that momentum will build as the process unfolds and more employees, company wide, start pulling together. NJW

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