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Salary Survey

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Clown Puncher
Feb 10, 2002
Just read my copy of Pro Pilot and this years salary survey. The article indicated that salaries were more or less flat across the board. Just wondering if anyone else feels the numbers put out in PP are in line with their respective situation. As for me, I fell right into the "Average" category for the equipment I'm currently flying.

Rice :cool:
All i can say is that netjets falls WAY BELOW the average for what we fly, and do.

June 2002 PP green back survey.

We fell in just above the average figure for the equipment/salary they have listed under Captains as well as F/O’s

I thought you chaps at Buffet Air were averaging reasonably well?

How’s the contract coming?

No news on the contract. As for average, i think we are well below. F/o's start at like 28k, and cpts at 37k or so. Thats pretty far below other f/o's and cpts if you ask me.

Dude, that’s no good…

Man, I’ve shared a crew car and a cab or two with a NetJet crew or three and they always seemed up beat about the company, never had any idea you guys were paid that badly starting out.

Maybe something will move on that contract soon, with all the jets you guys are buying up how’s the hiring on the fractional end.

I admit I’m a bit out of touch on the fracs.

Most people are upbeat about the company, we are treated well and fly exceptional equipment. Its the ca$h part that everyone is bummed about.

We are still going strong with hiring. We have around 1650 pilots now, were about 10 months ago it was only 1200. I think next yr they are saying we will need another 500 pilots.

Pro-Pilot's survey is basically broken down by aircraft size and cockpit / management position. No geographical breakouts.
BTW just got an email from avcrew.com regarding their survey, this is distributed free to participants but can be purchashed for a small ($5 - $10 I think) fee. It's copyrighted, so I can't reprint it here. Suffice to say its quite a bit more detailed than the PP survey, but they only had about 700 respondents.

Rice :cool:

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